Al-Talaeaa for clearance and logistics . 

We might be not be the oldest appearing in the field of freight, but we are the most capable and experienced, with the presence of cadres in the group who know well how to lead the helm to the right direction to achieve the customer’s goal and objectives at the lowest costs as possible and the fastest time.


are global transportation experts established in2000 , However, the company was established by people with more than twenty years of experience in the field of shipping, freight forwarding services and customs clearance.

. You can be totally confident that we will interpret and meet precisely your shipping requirements, as quickly, cost-effectively, flexibly and securely as possible. That’s what we do, twenty four hours a day, every day of the year. We do it for customers all around the world. And we do it with a real passion for delivery standards that set us apart.. The physical processes of delivery are just the start. As freight forwarder that is first and foremost forward thinking, we believe that on time, on budget fulfillment in the 21st Century has to be underpinned by online excellence. We live and work in a knowledge economy. The most vital commodity any service industry can provide these days is information. Our Philosophy We at Al-Talaeaa aim to always exceed the expectations of our customers, offering them the best logistic at competitive rates. All clients receive our first-class treatment regardless of shipment size or destination.

Our Philosophy

“Effective Forwarding Solutions by Design , from the Freight Architect ”

Our Services:

 Al-Talaeaa is a multi-service provider with the accent firmly on service, involvement and regular communication right through the shipping process. We can arrange and deliver all the elements of a fully comprehensive freight forwarding solution, including: 
Sea Freight. 
Air Freight. 
Customs clearance and Excise advice. 
Warehousing and other storage. 

Sea Freight . 

Al-Talaeaa has Experience in Import / Export ( FCL & LCL ) Providing competitive Sea Freight Rates, Ensuring efficient handling of your cargo and availability of Booking through a wide choice of Ocean Carriers ensuring constant Sailing Frequency and Reliable schedules to Major worldwide ports. Moreover, your shipment is monitored at any transshipment point with sending Arrival Notice informing you with Estimated Arrival Date of your shipment. Also, Your Shipment Documentation completely & accurately is prepared and finished immediately in the shortest Period.

Air Freight . 

Al-Talaeaa Provides Professional counsel to customers in Planning and Documentation for their shipments. Our Professional Staff have the knowledge & connections and they are always waiting in the Wings to get your shipments to the all Destinations on time through excellent Details and negotiated contracts with various Airlines. Al-Talaeaa Guarantee accurate departure and arrival times & Reliable goods notification. Al-Talaeaa Provides Constant Transit Control and all at very competitive Air Rates Import / Export .

Inland transportation service

from Al-Talaeaa Covers all areas All over Egypt, and Provides prompt Pick up / Delivery Services / Special trucks compatible with cargo features for the Customers through an efficient Trucking team . Al-Talaeaa Provides Value added services such as; Packing /Stuffing / Lashing and Stowage Customer’s cargo.

Warehousing and other storage;

Al-Talaeaa Offers secured available Warehousing facilities for Storage , Consolidation , Systematic handling and prompt Distributions.

Customs and Excise Clearance & Advice;

Serving all Egyptian Ports , Dry ports , Free Zones and Cairo Airport Al-Talaeaa Offers a broad range of Customs Clearing Facilities. Al-Talaeaa is deeply knowledgeable in Trade Agreements CER, NAFTA , and GATT Enhancing trading opportunities by having Up to date Tariff Criteria available to both importers and Exporters. Al-Talaeaa Has Significant expertise in regulatory and Statutory matters. In the Customs and Excise fields this has provided the Catalyst for duty Concessions and Tariff assistance for our Clients throughout the world. This enables mutually beneficial trading terms for all Parties.


Al-Talaeaa has enjoyed over the years a close working relationship with Major insurance Agencies. This mutual respect has position of being able to offer its customers “ All Risk ” Policies (Class A , B and C) for : 
* Marin Insurance.
* Transport Insurance. 
* Storage Insurance.